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Vampire Facial®

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The Vampire Facial® is a non-surgical procedure that makes use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). 

On the day of your procedure your face will be thoroughly cleansed with surgical soap. 

A numbing gel will be applied for at least 30 minutes. 

While waiting, your blood will be drawn and centrifuged in order to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma is extracted and centrifuged again into platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet poor plasma (PPP) components.  

The numbing medicine is then removed and the skin is re-cleansed.

The areas to be treated are separated into zones. The PRP is applied to the skin of each zone and then the microneedling is done. PRP is then massaged into the tiny perforations that have been created for further absorption. 

The procedure is finished with a complimentary 20 minute Light-Stim LED treatment to enhance the healing process. 

A post-procedure treatment kit will also be provided to you along with explicit instructions regarding your recovery care. 

Treatment Benefits:

  • Non-surgical, safe, has virtually no downtime

  • Sources healing factors from your own blood

  • Smooths fine lines & wrinkles

  • Diminishes Hyperpigmentation (Age/Sun Spots)

  • Repairs Skin At The Cellular Level

  • Boosts Collagen Production

  • Restores a Healthy, Youthful Glow

  • Improves Surface Texture & Tone



*An FDA approved kit and instrumentation is used for the proper collection and processing of your PRP. Your clinician (Linda Brogan, CRNA, APRN, MHS) has extensive experience in the proper handling of blood products, venopuncture (blood drawing), sterile technique, and universal precautions from her years of working as an OR Nurse and Nurse Anesthetist.  

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